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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs: Service

What is your daycare and preschool experience?

We have been a licensed childcare provider in the State of Maryland for over 25 years.  In this time, we have lovingly cared for over 300 children.

What is the ratio of caregivers to children?

We generally have a ratio of 4 children to 1 adult.  In this way, we are able to provide extensive personal attention and individual care.

What ages of children do you accept?

Our program is licensed to provide care for children 2 months – 6 years old.  Our curriculum is designed to incorporate preschool activities. This helps our children become well prepared for Kindergarten.

Are the children separated by ages?

Our approach is to have multiple ages play together.  We find that the younger ones enjoy and learn a lot from being around the older children, and the older ones feel good as role models for the youngsters.  Our curriculum is adaptable to each child’s level of ability and understanding. With a maximum of 8 children, we are able to provide individual attention to each child’s learning ability and needs for challenge.

Does your preschool curriculum follow a play-based or Montessori-based approach?

We utilize a mixture of philosophies, combining aspects of play-based, emergent, Montessori, and Kumon curriculums.

Do you have references we can contact?

Yes!  We can provide you with as many names as you’d like of both former and current families for you to talk to.  Just give us a call!

How do you ensure the children’s safety?

We provide a fully child-proofed environment and a fenced-in backyard.  We keep the children on the daycare property at all times, and we lock the outside doors during the day so that visitors cannot enter without knowledge.

What is your policy if a child becomes ill?

If a child has a fever, we will call the parents to notify them of their child’s illness.  We require that the child be picked up. The child can return once they have been fever-free for 24 hours.

Do you supply meals for the children?

Children bring their own lunches and breakfasts.  We provide mid-morning and afternoon snacks. Parents are free to bring special treats on days to celebrate their child’s birthday.

What do you charge for full-time care?

Please give us a call to discuss fees.

What days are you closed during the year?

We are open weekdays year-round and are closed only on Federal holidays and for 2 weeks each year.  We give families several months notice regarding the dates of our two-week vacation.

What is your inclement weather policy?

Since our program is located in our home, we are here and available regardless of weather conditions.  It all depends on your ability to get here! We do not follow the inclement weather closures of government or schools.

Where are you located?

We are located just inside the beltway (I-495), in a quiet suburban neighborhood, conveniently accessible from either Old Georgetown Road or Wisconsin Avenue, close to NIH and the Naval Hospital, and just north of downtown Bethesda.

What do I do next if I want to learn more and possibly enroll?

Please give us a call at 301-896-0657, and arrange for a tour and information session to ask questions.

What should we bring the first day?

Diapers, wipes, an extra change of clothes, slippers, blanket, milk or formula, and breakfast/lunch.

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