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Our Curriculum

Curriculum: Programs

Our program includes both offers full time daycare with a preschool curriculum to help children develop socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually.  

We utilize a mixture of philosophies, combining aspects of play-based, emergent, Montessori, and Kumon curriculums.

Our educational plans include the following opportunities:

  • Enhancing children’s understanding of themselves and awareness of cultures and heritages

  • Providing an environment of acceptance

  • Developing intellectual skills and promoting language understanding

  • Promoting socialization skills to help children interact with and behave well with other children, participate in group activities, and learn concepts of respect, sharing, and politeness 

  • Encouraging children to solve problems

  • Working towards letters and numbers recognition and writing

  • Encouraging children to organize their experiences and understand concepts

  • Promoting physical growth

We work with parents to understand each child and provide personalized learning experiences.  Our plans include activities in the daycare center, as well as plans for the home.  The learning activities supplement one another to provide positive experiences for the child.  We maintain continuous communication with parents to discuss the child’s education and development.​  

Communication Includes:

  • Regular essential development information

  • Monthly progress reports

  • Monthly educational topics

Curriculum: Text
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